Forthcoming presentations for 2021:

  • EduTech Conference - Instructional Video for differntiated instruction - Page - Video

  • Australian Council for Education Leaders (ACEL) National Conference - Panel with Eric Sheninger and Lauren Sayer

  • Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Session: #eduReading: Rethinking the Role of Pracademics, Social Media and Democracy in Doing Educational Research

  • Civics and Citizenship Professional Learning program for Teachers. Monash University, ACU and VCAA collaboration, blended and online delivery.

Presentations from 2021:

Forthcoming presentations for 2022:

  • National Education Summit Teach Meet Host 'Modern Teachers' Work'

  • National Education Summit - Additional Needs Symposium

Presentations from 2020:

Creating and applying video in teaching online or F2F

Instructional Video: The key skillset for modern teachers

These are the conferences I presented at in 2019