Leadership is something that I have come to realise I have been attempting and messing around with for a long time. The primary way that I lead is through a style best defined as 'Instructional Leadership', I have a strong knowledge base around education, at the classroom, school and system level. The primary ways that I practice thought leadership is by taking a servant approach and being driven by my own desire to be constantly learning. I am constantly learning and engaging with emerging ideas in education because I feel that my students deserve the very best of me and the most accurate and best understood theories and practices of teaching. The primary ways that I practice leadership are through school-based roles; organising, running and recording teach meets in Melbourne; being a key board member and co-leading workshops for volunteer Australian teachers in Cambodia; running the monthly and ongoing international group of academic research known as #edureading; finally I am a useful and crucial member of a range of boards, committees and councils where I can develop, challenge and extend my vision and views of education and its role in our society.