Brunswick Secondary College (2009-2019, Ongoing)

Teaching duties included: English, English as an additional Language (EAL), Humanities / History, Kendo, Literacy Improvement and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).

Acting Leading Teacher: Assessment and Reporting (2019)

Through this role I was integral in rolling out continuous reporting to our school and collaborating with all faculties and members of staff to create a system that served the goals of the school’s vision statements and meeting the needs of the staff, as well as managing implementation challenges.

Literacy Improvement Teacher (2019-2021)

This role allows me to show my expertise in whole-school leadership, engaging with individual teachers, as well as working with small-group and individual students in an intervention capacity. Further, the extensive professional learning and networking opportunities allow me chances to develop and share my understanding of literacy and school-based intervention.

Inclusion Boost Funding and Policy Updating role

This role allowed me to manage and apply a budget to source equipment to support inclusion at our school. It also meant that I chose to deliver an hour-long Professional Development session to student and to support our use of inclusion policy. Further, I ensured that all staff at our school completed the online module to a very high percentage of completion 118/122 staff.

AEU Branch Council representative for the North West Region (2015-2018: First Term; 2019-2021: Second Term, Ongoing).

As an elected representative for the North-West Region on behalf of the Victorian Branch of the Australian Education Union. I engage with political elements of education, policy-level discussions as well as broader trends within education. This is a role that I take very seriously and see it as an integral part in furthering the status and level of representation of our profession within the broader media and public understanding.

AEU Sub-Branch President (2017-Ongoing)

This role was the place where I began to consider the possibility of myself as a leader, I was pushed by my colleagues to take on this role and it was something that I found especially challenging at the beginning, but with the persistent and ongoing support of my colleagues I believe I have grown into the role and am now comfortable speaking about educational issues at the local and state level and engaging with staff members across a range of roles and learning disciplines.

AEU Education Committee Founding Member (2018-2020: First Term; 2020-2022: Second Term)

This role is recognition of my knowledge of the educational landscape within Victoria, Australia and also globally. The application process was rigorous and based largely around my academic expertise and knowledge. Through this committee we have developed key union policy documents and engaged with a range of leading academics and key stakeholders across the spectrum of education in Australia and globally.

AEU Leaders (Pilot) Program (2019)

Through an application process I was selected to be among the first group of the AEU Leader Program, a level that sits above the existing Level 1 and Level 2 Union Representative training. Developing language to challenge large scale trends and change mindset within our own school settings and regions has been the approach of our funded project.