I semi-regularly blog my own thinking and writing at the below link (image), with the goal of completing a PhD's worth of writing before or instead of writing a PhD. Many of my articles and pieces of writing are published elsewhere, which can be accessed below, but each of these pieces of professional writing are constantly adding to the running word count that is aimed to reach 100,000 words with no set date. I would love to have you engage with my writing on a variety of topics below.

EduResearch Matter blog on our paper on Pracademia: How to bridge the teacher and academic divide online | EduResearch Matters (aare.edu.au)

The Age Education - Short sighted NAPLAN review should be ignored: https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/short-sighted-naplan-review-should-be-ignored-20200910-p55u69.html

Professional Voice, 13.2.7 - Remote Learning in Pandemic times


Professional Educator, The Issue Edition, 2020 Edition 1, Volume 23

A new entrant into online professional learning. Read here: https://www.slideshare.net/skolber/a-new-entrant-into-online-professional-learning-professional-educator-the-issue-edition-2020-edition-1-volume-23-steven-kolber - Join the Australian College of Educators for the full publication here: www.austcolled.com.au

Idiom (Victorian Association for the Teaching of English). Volume 56, 2020

Find your teacher tribe online: Twitter - Page 40

Instructional video for the middle years (7-10) - Page 84

The Age - It's the right time for less time in class


Education International - Worlds of Education Blog: https://www.ei-ie.org/en/woe_homepage/woe_detail/16850/%E2%80%9Conline-teaching-and-videoconferencing-how-can-teachers-choose-the-most-appropriate-tools%E2%80%9D-by-steven-kolber

EducationHQ - Schools must now 'build back better' to free teachers and students from old regimes


Quoted as an expert here, in The Age:


EducationHQ - Don’t rush teachers back to the ‘old normal’ – they’ve propped up the flawed system for years


The Educator Australia - Silos bypassed as teachers meet online


Expert Comment on Remote Learning provided for this piece:


Education HQ News - 'Another stinging insult': teachers are being used as martyrs in COVID-19 agenda': https://educationhq.com/news/another-stinging-insult-teachers-are-being-used-as-martyrs-in-covid-19-agenda-75456/

Flipped Learning Review magazine – ‘The human element: engaging with peers in ways that support growth: https://flr.flglobal.org/the-human-element-engaging-with-peers-in-ways-that-support-growth/

The Educator Online – ‘The Educational Benefits of Video’

https://www.theeducatoronline.com/k12/technology/e-learning/the-educational-benefits-of-video/263002; ‘How using Video can improve student outcomes’


National Education Summit - Instructional Video: the theory and purpose https://nationaleducationsummit.com.au/new-blog/instructional-video-the-theory; Instructional Video: Positive personal outcomes for me https://nationaleducationsummit.com.au/new-blog/instructional-video-positive-personal-outcomes-for-me

Independent Education Union - Teacher: One woman’s struggle to keep the heart in teaching (#ieureading) https://www.theieuzone.org.au/index.php/categories-list/39-discussions-about-practice/51-teacher-one-woman-s-struggle-to-keep-the-heart-in-teaching-ieureading

IWBNET - 2018 - Flipped Learning, a brief grounding of the research literature

https://www.iwb.net.au/research-literature-by-a-teacher/; Creating Flipped Videos in Microsoft PowerPoint allows for greater accessibility and smoother workflow for flipped educators. https://www.iwb.net.au/using-microsoft-powerpoint-to-create-flipped-videos-and-improve-workflow/

DIY-Escape-Room - The world’s first Free to Play Puzzle Room on YouTube? (I think), lessons for game designers http://www.diy-escape-room.com/guest-post-worlds-first-free-play-puzzle-room-youtube-think.html/

Melbourne University capstone Thesis (2017) – ‘Teachers' career intentions, school facilities and resources’, available from: https://www.academia.edu/30919163/Teachers_career_intentions_school_facilities_and_resources

Australian Educator Magazine, Issue 86, 2015, Winter, ‘What I wish I’d learned’

Book Review: A Straight Line to My Heart, Bill Condon – Idiom and English in Australia, VATE publications, 2009.

Teacher as reader and writer (2009) – Idiom and English in Australia, VATE publications.

An achievement that I was especially proud of was being published as an author by NEAP. The process of becoming deeply engaged with two texts and using my skillet as an English teacher in a creative output. It involved me completing really deep and complex analysis of the texts, reading them both multiple times and then beginning to write in an accessible and non- academic way. This was great way for me to extend myself professionally and personally as I have spent the majority of my years teaching also studying part-time. As a result I had become rather set in my ways around writing and reading at an academic level and it was refreshing to see myself apply my skills in a new way and to be paid for a task that I do as part of my career. If you click the image to the left you will be able to purchase the text, if you teach this comparative pair.